Hi there!

My name is Heidi, owner of Heidi Rochelle Designs. I live in beautiful, northern Colorado. I am so excited to be offering intentional design for small business and entrepreneurs. Before we get started, let me tell you a little bit about myself. A few of my favorite things are spending time with my incredible family and my Border Collie, Mist (aka best dog ever 😉 ). I also adore a good cup of tea and a good book.

How I got started

Over the years I have also realized I love to solve problems and work on the computer. Putting these interests together I decided to become a graphic and web designer.

I have taken numerous classes online about a range of subjects including graphic design, WordPress, HTML, CSS, logo design, and more. I have also completed a Design course and a Tech course through Bucketlist Bombshell's and received my certifications.

Through a creative process and intentional consideration I would love to work with you to design a captivating website, beautiful brand, or fascinating blog posts.

If it is a website that you are in need of I will work with you to ensure that your website communicates clearly with your potential customers exactly what you have to offer. Should you be starting your business or need to brand your already existing one, I will work with you to design a brand that captures the essence of your business. Or if you need help managing your blog I will work with you to ensure that your posts are optimized and ready for your readers.

I am excited to offer you brand consistent, intentional, thoughtful design and blog management. I hope to work with you soon!

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Why work with Me?

Brand consistent design

Every business needs to have a brand that helps customers identify them. It is important that every piece of your marketing aligns with that brand through colors, images, fonts, tone, and textures.


Clear communication

Communication is key in designing a good brand or website. I will do my best to communicate with you what I need and what I am doing.

Will work with you

I will work with you to design a brand that captures your vision for your business or to design a website that communicates clearly with potential customers what you have to offer them.

Intentional, thoughtful design

Through an intentional creative process I will work with you to create a brand or website that meets your needs and vision.

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